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Symposium 2018

Wine improves with age. So does Sitecore! Symposium has been great this year. The overall quality of the sessions was high, the keynotes were very informative – including more live demos and actual product presentations than ever – and the guest keynotes were immensely inspirational! Out of all the news and presentations, we could distill …

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Integrated DevOps

Integrated DevOps with Azure, Git, PowerShell & Slack At the Sitecore Symposium 2018 edition I hosted a session about how to optimize the DevOps process around your automated deployments using Azure DevOps, demoing how we got our development environment to the next level of maturity, increasing the developer productivity and fun of our Sitecore software …

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Sitecore Azure scripts update

My colleague Anton Kuryan revamped my Azure scripts, removing duplicate code and adding several new features. Check out for the latest version! One parameterized PowerShell script When I first wrote these scripts, I used the Sitecore templates as a starting point, creating multiple folders for the different setups single, double and full (referring to …

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Rob Habraken

Software Engineer, CTO, Senior Consultant, Sitecore MVP and overall technology addict. Specialist in web development, Microsoft technology and, of course, Sitecore.